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We are aware of the intricate ever expanding regulations involved in the school food service industry, so we have taken on the task of making chemical safety, chemical usage, and chemical sanitation an issue that can be delegated to us while keeping the peace of mind that our trained personnel will monitor, retrain, and report any chemical usage, safety, or sanitation issues that may arise throughout the school year to Child Nutrition.

We take on this task by training in the following venues:

I.  Pre-School Year Group Meeting:

  1. Individual Product Training
  2. Product Dilutions and Proper Usage
  3. Chemical Safety
  4. Topics Covered As Needed

II.  Manager Meetings

  1. Product Re-Training/ Follow Up
  2. Chemical Safety
  3. Training on HACCP Topics
  4. Training on Serv Safe Topics
  5.  Topics Covered As Needed

III.  School by School Training

  1. Incident Management
  2. Training Topics As Needed (See School Handout Examples)
  3. Proper Dishmachine Operation
  4. Proper 3 Sink Operation
  5. Topics Covered As Needed

IV.  Serv Safe Training

  1. Full Certification Serv Safe Classes Are Available By Our In House Serv Safe Instructors.

V.  Self Service Video Training

  1. See Library of Self Service Training Videos For Retraining and New Hire Purposes.